Midland ISD is committed to providing high-quality instruction for our students both virtually and in-person. The level of COVID-19 in our community will determine which instructional model is implemented. Regardless of the level of COVID-19, families will have the option to choose 100% virtual instruction through Midland ISD Online Academy. Please explore the links here for more information.

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    Re-Entry Flow Chart

    Q: What are the definitions of Low, Moderate, and Substantial on your chart?
    A: MISD follows the CDC definitions for these levels of community spread. Substantial means there is large-scale community transmission of COVID-19 (either controlled or uncontrolled), including communal settings. Moderate means there is sustained transmission of COVID-19 with high likelihood or confirmed exposure within communal settings and potential for rapid increase in cases. Low means there is evidence of isolated cases or limited community transmission, and no evidence of exposure in large communal settings. Midland ISD is in close communication with the Midland Health Department and Midland Memorial Hospital on COID-19 tracking.