• Arthur Barclay - MISD Police Chief

    Justin Branch - Midland County Emergency Management

    Sgt. Lorenzo Dominguez - MPD Community Relations

    Lt. Kevin Brunner - MISD Police

    Deputy Chief Jayme Farmer - Midland Fire Department

    Bryan Murry - School Board President

    Tim Allen - MISD Emergency Management Coordinator

  • Tommy Bishop - School Board Trustee

    Dr. Angélica Ramsey - MISD Superintendent

    Kellie Spencer - MISD Chief of Administrative Services

    Charlie Garcia - Associate Superintendent

    Dr. Luz Martinez - Associate Superintendent

    Jill McCall - Executive Director of Student Services

    Imo Jean Douglas - MISD Director of Health Services

  • Nicole Ramon - Director of Counseling

    Charles Reker - Teacher

    Jennifer Carpenter - Parent

    Lisa Cisneros - Elementary Principal

    Lori Smith - Partnership Principal

    Alan McGuire - Parent

    Pamela Garza - Parent