Mobile Access - New Student Online Enrollment Instructions for New Families

  • Below are mobile device instructions for families enrolling a NEW STUDENT that has never attended Midland ISD.

    1. From the MISD homepage, click on Enrollment.

      MISD homepage. Top smiling young girl. Bottom list of links including enrollment.

    1. Click on the button at the bottom of the screen that says new.

     Image of children. Image of instruction page.

    1. Click the text that says Request a New Student Online Enrollment account.

     Image of instructional text

    1. Click on the New Student Online Enrollment Account Creation link to create the new account.


    1. Fill out every field with an asterisk beside it and then Click here to submit Online Enrollment Account Request button


    1. Check email for the email below with the username and password, then click on the link in the email.


    1. Log into the New Student Online Enrollment Portal. Make sure the login area is labeled Enrollment Access.


    1. You will then be directed to the New Student Enrollment: Application Form.


    Throughout this application, please note the following:

    • Read the important information highlighted in blue.
    • Asterisk (*) denotes a required field.
    • Only one step can be completed at a time.
    • All steps must be completed before the application can be submitted. 

      Complete the following steps:

    STEP 1: Student Information 

    1. Enter all required fields (*).
    2. Select the School Year you are enrolling your child in.


         3. Once you enter your child’s birth date, the system will automatically calculate the expected grade level. Read the message and click OK.


    STEP 2: Family/Guardian Information 

    1. Enter all required fields (*).
    2. To add more than one guardian click Yes, I want to Add another Legal Guardian who lives at this address; otherwise, click No other Legal Guardians live at this address.


    1. After all guardians are entered, click No, Complete Step 2 and move to Step 3: Medical/Dental Information.


    STEP 3: Medical/Dental Information

    1. Enter all required fields (*).
    2. Click Complete Step 3 and move to Step 4: Emergency Contact Information.


    STEP 4: Emergency Contact Information 

    1. Enter all required fields (*).
    2. To add more than on emergency contact, click Yes, I want to Add another Emergency Contact Record.
    3. After all emergency contacts are entered, click No, Complete Step 4 and move to Step 5: Immunization Information.


    STEP 5: Immunization Information 

    1. If your child has had chickenpox, check the box and fill in the date of the illness.
    2. Click Complete Step 5 and move to Step 6: Requested Documents.


    STEP 6: Requested Documents

    IMPORTANT: If you are unable to upload a copy of your student’s birth certificate, immunization records, proof of residency, social security card, or other documents as needed, bring them to the campus to complete enrollment.

    1. Upload documents as needed by clicking Choose File.
      • “Other” documents include legal documents, affidavits, custody papers, etc.
    1. After all documents have been uploaded, click Complete Step 6 and move to Step 7: Additional District Forms.


    STEP 7: Additional District Forms 

    1. Complete all required forms (*).
    2. Once finished, click Complete Step 7.


    Submit Application 

    1. Once you have completed all Steps, click Submit Application to the District.


    1. Read the message and click Submit Application.


    1. Read the message and click


    1. If you have an additional child to enroll, select Click to Enroll Additional Students and repeat the instructions from page 1.