• Your GPA - Your official GPA starts freshman year and is one of the most important factors in college admission. Set yourself up for a successful senior year by focusing on your grades and more challenging courses this year!
    • Extracurricular Activities - Get involved in extracurricular activities: Colleges want to see great academics but they also like to see school/life balance. Extracurricular activities are a great way to demonstrate that balance.
    • Resume - Begin building your resume: Start a record of all work and volunteer service, as well as activities and awards that can be used for your resume.
    • College Campus Visits - Use family vacations as an opportunity to see different college campuses. Campus visits are crucial when making a college decision. Take any opportunity you can to visit schools you're interested in!


    • ACT/SAT - Register and complete at least one ACT and one SAT test to get a baseline score that you can improve on your junior year.
    • PSAT - Take the PSAT for practice in October.
    • COLLEGE FAIR- Attend the Midland College Area College Fair (October)


    • ACT/SAT - Register and complete all ACT or SAT tests for college admissions by the end of junior year.
    • Recommendation Letters- Request Recommendation Letters
    • Career Exploration - Begin thinking about jobs that interest you and consider shadowing someone in that profession or finding an internship. 
    • College Campus Visits - Schedule college visits and tours


    • College Applications - Open an account with ApplyTx or the Common Application and begin completing general applications for college (Apps open July 1st and August 1st)
    • College Essays - Complete college essays


    • Send Scores - Send ACT or SAT test scores to potential colleges and universities
    • Submit Applications - Send in all applications to potential colleges by October 1st
    • FAFSA - Fill out an online FAFSA form for financial aid beginning October 1st
    • Scholarships - Search for scholarships
    • Community Service Hours - Complete Midland Community Service hours 
    • Transcript -  Request to have your transcript to your intended university. 
    • Freshman Orientation - Attend orientation at your intended university and register for your fall freshman classes
    • Summer Classes - Consider taking online summer classes at Midland College