•        Accessing Google Classroom:   Midland ISD Student Instructions 

    USERNAME:  stu_ + first initial + last name + last two digits of student ID + @midlandisd.net

    PASSWORD:  Your elementary campus will have a simple common password - check with your teacher.  If that password doesn't work try 00 + ID Number.

    EXAMPLE: For imaginary student:  Captain America with student ID=123456:

    USERNAME:  stu_camerica56@midlandisd.net

    PASSWORD:  00123456

    • When you first login, you may be be asked to change your password.  

                 Remember, it will be difficult to recover your password if you forget it!  

                Suggestions to use when deciding on a password to help you remember it:

     Must be a minimum of 8 characters.

    • Never use all or part of you social security number
    • Try and use a combination of letters and numbers
    • Make the password something that is personal, but hard to guess.
    • Do not use a password that involves information that someone could easily guess 
    • Don’t use any part of your first or last name 
    • Don’t share your password with others!  
    • Keep it private by not writing it down where others may gain access to it!


     Your student Google account will be monitored for appropriate content.  This means you must comply with the district Network Use Agreement while utilizing your student Google account.  If not, your campus administration will be notified. Consequences will include campus disciplinary action and loss of account privileges.   

     Your district-provided Google account will give you access to the following Google Apps:

     Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.) Google Classroom, Gmail (6-12) Google Calendar, Google Hangouts

    If you have difficulty logging in:  Have your TEACHER call Help Desk @ 240-1111 or your TEACHER can e-mail michael.lloyd@midlandisd.net with your student information.