• Principal's Message

    Welcome to James W. Fannin Elementary!

    James W. Fannin Elementary School opened in 1957 and has had a rich tradition of excellence for more than 50 years. Throughout its history, Fannin staff has maintained focus on learning for all students. Students, staff, and neighborhood are recognized as having a mutually productive and supportive relationship. A community of learners has been created to benefit all students.

    James W. Fannin Elementary School provides a comprehensive instructional program for students in Pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade in full compliance with Texas Education Agency requirements. Interventions to meet the needs of students include Special Education for students with learning disabilities, Dyslexia Services are provided using the Take Flight Program, Project Think and Quest for students with high potential and for gifted and talented students, Speech for students who exhibit problems with articulation and language development, tutoring services, and counseling. Computer workstations provide students and teachers in each classroom access to the Internet.

    Our goal at James W. Fannin Elementary School is to meet the accountability standards and expectations of the community by implementing effective instructional strategies:

    * Writing is taught as a process. Students learn to write for the understanding of the reader. The process begins with brainstorming, writing, revising, and editing before writing the final piece.
    * A balanced literacy approach to teaching reading includes phonics and comprehension. Students receive instruction in skills and engage in authentic literature and informational text.
    * Mathematics instruction is guided by standards established by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. In addition to computation, students develop problem-solving strategies and analysis skills.
    * Science instruction also includes lab activities and preparation to meet accountability standards.
    * Social studies instruction includes history, geography, and character traits.
    * Teachers integrate content across the curriculum to help students understand the relevance, apply skills, and increase motivation.

    In this era of increased standards and expectations, the support of parents and the community is essential to the success of the school. Parents can help teachers increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the limited time spent at school by preparing children for the school day. Parents can help children arrive at school ready to learn by:

    * Setting appropriate bedtimes so that children get enough rest.
    * Gathering materials and homework in the evening before bedtime.
    * Establishing routines and rules so that children learn to respond appropriately to authority.
    * Reminding children that they are expected to do their best work.
    * Establishing a time and place to study at home.
    * Assuring that children arrive at school on time.

    James W. Fannin Elementary School provides a safe, productive learning environment for all students. Parents and supporters are welcomed and encouraged to visit and to volunteer. With parental and community support, the tradition of excellence will continue.