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    Hakha,Falam le kawlholh in bomh nan hauh ahcun zangfah tein (432) 240-1480 ah rak call u. 


    Please follow these steps if you previously had an active student in MISD and need to enroll a NEW student for CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR (2020-21).

    STEP 1: Email familyaccesshelp@midlandisd.net, to have your previous Family Access account re-activated. Please provide your first and last name as well as first and last name of previous MISD studen and contact number.

    STEP 2: Login to you Skyward Family Access* account using your username and password.

    *NOTE: If you have never used your Family access account in Skyward. You can have the system send your login information to you IF the district has your current email address attached to your account.

    *Click the “Forgot Login/Password?” link located on the Skyward login page. You can also email familyaccesshelp@midlandisd.net, for help. *

    *Not sure which campus your child will attend? Use our School Finder

    STEP 3: After logging into Family Access account, click the New Student Online Enrollment option from the menu on the left. If there is old information which you cannot change, the campus staff processing your application can correct that for you.

    New Student Online Enrollment (NSOE) Instructions for Existing Families (Video)

    New Student Online Enrollment (NSOE) Quick Start Instructions for Existing Families

    New Student Online Enrollment (NSOE) Quick Start Instructions for Existing Guardians- Mobile App.


     Documentation Required:

    • Proof of residency- current gas, light, water bill, lease agreement, and/or Closing document for a new home
      • Parent/Guardian name and home address must be visible
    • Proof of child’s identity (original birth certificate preferred)
    • Transcript/report cards from previous school (if available)
    • Complete immunization health reports
    • Student’s Social Security Card (preferred)
    • Parent/Guardian Identification (required)
      • If the parent will be providing a military ID as a form of identification, please do not upload it to the online application. Instead, you may bring the ID to Central Office for verification on Wednesdays between 11-1 or 3-5.
    • Other Documents (legal, custodial, *affidavits, etc.)

    If you need assistance on uploading these documents, you may be bring them to Central Office on Wednesdays between 11-1 or 3-5.

    If you have a special living situation that does not allow you to provide one of the above proof of residency, please contact the campus or the Student Services office for assistance at (432)-240-1520 or email Priscilla De La Rosa at priscilla.delarosa@midlandisd.net.