When does the application window open for 2020-21 Opportunity Culture roles?

    The application window opens on February 24, 2020. Apply here.

    What is the application process for Opportunity Culture positions?
    All interested applicants must submit a written application—including a resume and cover letter, student data demonstrating prior excellence, teacher evaluation ratings, short-answer response and principal recommendation. Selected candidates will complete an in-person interview and may also be asked to participate in optional activities at the principal’s discretion, such as modeling a lesson and/or facilitating a PLC meeting.

    Which Midland ISD schools will have Opportunity Culture roles available in 2019-20?
    Midland ISD schools that are participating in Opportunity Culture Permian Basin in the 2020-21 school year include:
      1. Lee High School – Stan Van Hoozer, Principal
      2. Midland Freshman High School – Shannon Torres, Principal
      3. Dezavala Elementary School – Julie Sims, Principal
      4. Emerson Elementary School – Christin Reeves, Principal
      5. Rusk Elementary School – Dora Flores, Principal
      6. Scharbauer Elementary School – Deanna Flader, Principal
      7. South Elementary School – Leticia Camarillo, Principal
      8. Yarbrough Elementary School – Jill Arthur, Principal

    What are the Opportunity Culture roles/positions available in 2020-21?
      • Multi-Classroom Leader
      • Team Reach Teacher/Master Team Reach Teacher
      • Reach Associate

    Can anyone apply for these positions?
    Any certified teacher with the required years of experience and a rating of Effective or higher for the last 1–2 years can apply for any of the positions. Candidates do not need to currently be in a teaching position.

    Do I have to be a current employee of any of the pilot schools or an employee with Midland ISD to apply?
    Candidates do not need to be a current employee at any of the current Opportunity Culture schools, nor an employee with Midland ISD, to apply.

    Will my child’s class size(s) increase?
    Opportunity Culture schools have not increased class sizes above state averages. In most schools, teachers use more small-group instruction. However, great teachers are the “teacher of record” for more students, even if actual class and instructional group sizes drop.

    How much will teacher pay increase?
    Our district will design pay supplements that are ambitious but feasible for our schools. Supplements for Opportunity Culture multi-classroom leaders in other sites have averaged approximately 20 percent of average teacher pay. Teachers on multi-classroom leaders’ teams who extend their reach to more students also receive supplements. Lower and higher pay boosts are possible here.

    Will my child’s school be more selective about who teaches?
    Opportunity Culture schools can become highly selective, choosing experienced teachers with proven track records of success, and new teachers who have strong academic, service, and leadership records in college and prior work.

    Will teachers have larger student loads?
    The “extended reach” allowed by these models inherently increases some teachers’ student loads, but within reasonable limits chosen by school design teams and while adding planning time. Elementary teachers may have larger numbers of students for whom they are responsible in just one or more subjects. Opportunity Culture materials encourage secondary schools to limit student load increases, and to increase time for planning and, in some cases, for small-group pullouts of students.