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    Thank you for your interest in Midland ISD's Opportunity Culture.

    Application Information:

    Application Window Opens: Monday, February 24, 2020
    First Round Application Deadline: Friday, March 6, 2020
    Internal applicants – Submit an internal application.
    External applicants – Create a username and profile, submit an online application. (Application must be complete with all required documents prior to submission.)
    First Round Applicants In-Person Interviews: March 23 – April 10
    Selected finalists will be notified April 20 – 24, 2020.

    OC Professional Roles

    The Multi-Classroom Leader, or MCL, heads a powerful team of teachers, advanced paraprofessionals and teacher residents. MCLs provide intensive, day-to-day support, collaboration, and professional development to all members of the team – which helps with recruiting and retaining staff.
    Additional Compensation above teacher salary: $17,000 - $20,000/annually

    Team Reach Teacher
    The Team Reach Teacher (TRT) serves on a multi-classroom leader’s (MCL’s) team, directly teaching more students (at least 50%), but typically without raising instructional group sizes. With guidance from the team’s MCL, the TRT plans and delivers instruction for multiple classes in a school where students rotate between face-to-face learning with the teacher and a reach associate or a teacher resident. While one class of students is with a reach associate, the TRT teaches another class of students, focusing on delivering personalized and enriched instruction. The TRT is responsible for co-planning, co-preparing, and delivering instruction, and co-monitoring student progress to determine instructional needs. The TRT is also responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of instruction supervised by the reach associate(s) and making or recommending changes. The TRT collaborates with others working with the same students or subjects, including other members of the multi-classroom leader’s team as well as reach associates, to review student progress and change instruction to ensure high- progress, enriched learning for every student. In elementary schools, the TRT may specialize by subject.
    Additional Compensation above teacher salary: $8,000 - $10,000/annually

    Master Team Reach Teacher
    Like all Team Reach Teachers, the Master Team Reach Teacher (MTRT) serves on a multi-classroom leader’s (MCL’s) team, directly teaching more students than usual, but typically without raising instructional group sizes. Master team reach teachers also help the MCL lead a larger team (e.g., by coaching part of the team) and/or reach significantly more students than other teachers. Additionally, the MTRT has previously produced consistently high-growth student learning.
    Additional Compensation above teacher salary: $12,000/annually
    OC Paraprofessional Roles

    The Reach Associate (RA) typically provides both instructional and non-instructional support to a team of teachers, as designated by the team’s multi-classroom leader. The RA works closely with the teacher to complete various administrative tasks. The RA manages procedures and supervises student behavior during transitions, lunch, recess, assemblies, and other unstructured activities, and while teacher(s) deliver instruction. In some schools, the RA aids instruction by supervising time on projects, skills practice, and digital learning, and/or by instructing students in small groups or individually. All activities are directed by the multi-classroom leader or team reach teachers.
    Additional Compensation above calculated salary based on experience: $5,000/annually

    Opportunity Culture is in partnership with the University of Texas of the Permian Basin and US PREP. Current university students interested in education as a profession and would like to participate in this paid internship should contact the School of Education at UTPB for more information.