GT Testing Calendars 2020-21

  • G/T Testing Calendar Information


    G/T Services is completing Kindergarten out-of-district testing and make-ups the week of January 11-15 & 19-22 for applicants from the Kindergarten nomination period in October 2020.  Information for students who are new to the district may be requested at this link:  "New to District" Information.

    Grades 1 - 11 UPDATED AND CLARIFIED as of February 24, 2021

    G/T Services will be testing grades 1-11 between January 16th and February 26th.  If the student misses a testing date, make-ups will be scheduled as soon as possible without further notification when the student returns. Apply Midland will include Gifted and Talented results for grades 1-5 with the Schools of Choice  results for those students who applied through the Apply Midland window (December 8th - January 31st) and who have completed testing.

    Please note:

    • Because of the weather issues, February 16-19, G/T testing was rescheduled to February 23-26.
    • The results for these students may not be included in the Apply Midland results due to submission deadlines, but will be included in a subsequent round. 
    • Apply Midland has scheduled their Schools of Choice results to be sent on March 5. 
    • The G/T office will also send an email with the students' testing results by the same date including those not included in the initial Apply Midland results. 

    The most up-to-date calendar will be available at the link: 


    G/T Testing Calendar - Grades 1 - 11, Spring 2021


    Thank you!