• Volunteers

    There are 41 campuses in Midland ISD. Volunteers are needed at all campuses in all grade levels. Volunteers assist in the classroom, share computer knowledge, help as bilingual tutors, read with students, assist with math skills, help paint amazing pictures or produce music programs, support the PTA and much more. Volunteers are also needed in the areas of physical education, athletics, career and technology. Campuses love to have volunteers help with their activites and programs so please contact your school office to find where you can assist.  
    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Online Volunteer form

    The online volunteer form is found under the Community tab.  Please scroll to the bottom of the tab and click on Volunteers to submit your volunteer application.  Once your application is accepted you will recieve an email showing that your background check is now active, your name is added to the list that principals and secretaries have access to.


    COVID-19 Update:  Midland ISD will not allow normal visitation to our campuses until further notice.  Only Midland ISD staff and staff from partnership schools are allowed on campus during preparation from reopening.  We hope we will be back to having visitors support our schools soon!