174 Days           CNS: Helper, Floater, Cashier, Driver, Pastry and Meat Cooks
    177 Days CNS: Manager, Managing Cashier and Trainee, CNS Computer Tech
    179 Days Transportation: Bus Driver (SPED/Reg), Monitor (SPED/Reg), Coach Bus Driver
    184 Days

    Classroom Para/Aides, Librarian Assistant, Parent/Community Liaison, Office Clerk/TA (YWLA).  Attendance Clerks, Elementary & Freshman Office Clerks

    187 Days

    Teachers, ARD Facilitator, AVID Teacher and Coordinator, Band Director (Jr. High), CCMR Coordinator, LEAP Classroom Para/Aides, Nurse: RN/LVN, Speech Pathologist, Speech Pathologist Assistant.  Teacher/Department Chair/Coach, Assistant Band Director (High School), Band Director (Freshman), Coleman: Liaison (Social Worker), Instructional Specialist, ROTC, SPED VAC

    191 Days


    192 Days

    At Risk Coordinator, Coleman Childcare Clerk, Family Support Liaison (Admin), SERS Clerk, SPED Student Records Clerk, Student Services Specialist.

    197 Days 

    Behavior Interventionist, Behavioral Specialist, Child Care Provider, Childcare Supervisor, College Connection Advisor, Counselor (Elem), Diagnostician, Dual Language Program Coordinator, ELL Transition Coordinator, Home/Parent Liaison, Instructional Coach, LPAC Compliance Coordinator, LPAC Facilitator, LSSP, LSSP-Assistant, Program Specialist, Math & Reading Program Specialist, SPED Teacher Transition Coordinator Assistant, Teacher/Student Supervisor.

    202 Days

    Crisis Counselor, Secondary Vocational Teacher, Student Behavioral Coordinator.

    217 Days

    Assistant Principal, Associate Principal, Career Endorsement Counselor, Collegiate Coach, Data Entry/Registrar, Early Childhood Enrollment and Compliance Coordinator, Early Childhood Supervisor, Freshman Instructional Specialist, Head Athletic Trainer, Health Science Academy Coordinator, Math Data Specialist, Media/Instructional Specialist (MFHS), Occupational & Physical Therapist, Petroleum Academy Coordinator, Registrar, ROTC Instructor, Secondary Bookkeeper, Secondary Counselor, Secondary Counselor Clerk, Secondary Data Entry Clerk, School Design Fellow, Special Services Supervisor, Services/ELL Counselor, SPED/ELL Counselor Clerk, Teaching & Learning Data Specialist, Transportation Dispatch Clerk, Vocational Ag Teacher

    217 Days High School Band Director
    226 Days

    Academic Dean, Associate Principal (Elem, JH, FR), Instructional Service Director,

    Principal & Secretary (Elementary, Junior High, Freshman, ECHS, Coleman, MAP, Young WLA, Chief of Schools)

    236 Days

    12-Month Administrative/Professional Staff, 12-Month Clerical Staff, Administration Police/Security, Associate Principal-HS, Chief, Chief of Police, CNS Dietitian, CNS Equipment Maint., CNS Supervisor, Director, Dispatcher, ELL Supervisor (Elem & Sec), Executive Director, Fleet Manager, General Counsel, Head Football Coach, Lead Speech Pathologist, PBX Operator, Police Lieutenant, Police Officer, Print Shop Supervisor, Sr. High School Principal, Sr. High School Secretary, Superintendent, Technology, Transportation Director, Transportation Office Staff, Transportation Supervisor.

    260 Days

    Access Control Worker, Custodial Services Staff, Director of Custodial Services, Director of Facility Design, Energy Specialist, FAC Control & Compliance Supervisor, Graphic Arts Technician, Grounds Supervisor, Lead Driver/Routing Specialist, Material Handler, Mechanic Staff, Mechanic Supervisor, Operations Warehouse Buyer, Procurement Warehouse Foreman, Safety Communication Specialist Driver, School Plant Services Staff, Security Surveillance