2021-2022                     2022-2023



    182 Days                         182 Days

    Child Nutrition Services: Cashier, Driver, Floater, Helper, Pastry and Meat Cooks

    185 Days                         185 Days Child Nutrition Services: CNS Computer Tech, Manager, Managing Cashier and Trainee
    185 Days                         195 Days Transportation: Bus Driver (SPED/Reg), Bus Monitor (SPED/Reg)
    184 Days                         184 Days

    Attendance Clerks (JH,FRHS,HS), Librarian Assistant, Family Outreach Liaision, Office Clerk (Elem, JH, FRHS), Office Clerk/TA (YWLA), Parent & Family Engagement Liaision, Teacher Assistant

    187 Days                         187 Days

    ARD Facilitator, AVID Teacher and Coordinator, Band Director (JH), Band Director Assistant (HS), CCMR Coordinator, Instructional Specialist, Interventionist, Liaison Social Worker (CHS), Reading Specialist, Registered Nurse, SPED Teacher Assistant (Inclusion/Resource), SPED VAC Teacher, Speech Pathologist, Speech Pathologist Assistant/Intern, Teacher,Teacher/Department Chair/Coach, Vocational CTE Teacher

    191 Days                         191 Days

    At Risk Coordinator (CHS), Family Support Liaison, Librarian, SPED Dyslexia Teacher, SPED SEMS/SERS Clerk, Student Services Specialist (CHS)

    192 Days                         192 Days

    SPED LEAP Teacher,  SPED LEAP Teacher Assistant

    197 Days                         197 Days

    Behavioral Specialist, Campus Literacy Strategist, College Connection Advisor, Crisis Counselor, Dual Language Program Coordinator, Elementary Counselor, EL Transition Coordinator, Home/Parent Liaison, Instructional Coach, LPAC Compliance Coordinator, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Student Behavioral Coordinator

    197 Days                         197B Days

    Behavior Interventionist, Diagnostician, Life Skills Instructional Specialist, LSSP, LSSP-Assistant/Intern, Special Services Program Specialist, SPED Transition Coordinator

    202 Days                         202 Days

    Childcare Provider I & II, Childcare Site Supervisor

    217 Days                         217 Days

    11-Month Administrative/Professional Staff (217 days)

    11-Month Clerical Staff (217 days)

    CTE Academy Coordinator

    Head and Assistant Athletic Trainer

    Media/Instructional Specialist (MFHS/MHS)

    217 Days                         217B Days High School Band Director
    226 Days                           
    226 Days                         


    236 Days                         226 Days

    12-Month Administrative/Professional Staff (226 days)

    12-Month Clerical/Police/Technology/Auxiliary Staff (226 days)

    This calendar has 11 floating "Non-Duty" days that may be taken at any time during the calendar year with employee’s immediate supervisor’s permission. Non-duty days must be used by the end of the 226 work day calendar June 30, 2023. Unused non-duty days do not roll over to the following year and are forfeited upon resignation/retirement or termination. Anyone hired July 25th and forward is not eligible to receive "Non-duty" days until the following school year.

    260 Days                         260 Days

    Access Control Worker, Custodial Services Staff, Director of Custodial Services, Director of Facility Design, Director of Maintenance, Driver Safety Trainer, Energy Specialist, FAC Control & Compliance Supervisor, Foreman, Graphic Arts Technician, Maintenance Services Staff, Material Handler, Mechanic Services Staff,  School Plant Services Staff, Security Surveillance, Shipping/Receiving Clerk, Transportation Technician

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