• Subject Person to Call Email  Phone #
    Testing Requests Tricia Elrod tricia.elrod@midlandisd.net 240-1445
    Life Skills Classes Laura Arthur laura.arthur@midlandisd.net 240-1446
    Behavior Adjustment Classes Renee Hidalgo renee.hidalgo@midlandisd.net 240-1444
    Visually Impaired Students Renee Hidalgo renee.hidalgo@midlandisd.net 240-1444
    Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students Sheryll Purcell sheryll.purcell@midlandisd.net 240-1468
    Physical Therapy Renee Hidalgo renee.hidalgo@midlandisd.net 240-1444
    Occupational Therapy Renee Hidalgo renee.hidalgo@midlandisd.net 240-1444
    Academic and Curriculum Sarah Vincent sarah.dormier@midlandisd.net 240-1460
    Speech Pathology Sheryll Purcell sheryll.purcell@midlandisd.net 240-1468
    Child Find Shelby Smith shelby.smith@midlandisd.net 240-1414
    Child Find Clerk Janelle Bermea nina.bermea@midlandisd.net 240-1405
    Medicaid Laura Arthur laura.arthur@midlandisd.net 240-1446
    Medicaid Clerk Jazmin Medrano jazmin.medrano@midlandisd.net  
    Data and Operations Jennifer Rambo jennifer.rambo@midlandisd.net 240-1443
    Student Materials Don Bradford don.bradford@midlandisd.net 240-1646
    SPED/504 Records Maria Pavon maria.pavon@midlandisd.net 240-1404
    SPED/504 Records Grace Valverde grace.valverde@midlandisd.net 240-1406
    504 Katrena Goodman katrena.goodman@midlandisd.net 240-1448
    504/Dyslexia Clerk Glynnis Hailey glynnis.hailey@midlandisd.net 240-1460
    Private School Sarah Vincent sarah.dormier@midlandisd.net 240-1460
    Resource/Co-Teach Sarah Vincent sarah.dormier@midlandisd.net 240-1460
    LEAP Classes Andrea Messick andrea.messick@midlandisd.net 240-1532
    PEIMS Yoli Ramirez yoli.ramirez@midlandisd.net 240-1403
    Dyslexia Evaluations Tricia Elrod tricia.elrod@midlandisd.net 240-1445
    Dyslexia Services Katrena Goodman katrena.goodman@midlandisd.net 240-1448
    Special Services Jennifer Warren jennifer.warren@midlandisd.net 240-1401
    SPED Homebound Sarah Vincent sarah.dormier@midlandisd.net 240-1460
    GenEd/504 Homebound Katrena Goodman katrena.goodman@midlandisd.net 240-1448
    Pregnancy Related Services Katrena Goodman katrena.goodman@midlandisd.net 240-1448
    Quadrant 1 Sarah Vincent sarah.dormier@midlandisd.net 240-1460
    Quadrant 1 Clerk Liz Edwards elizabeth.edwards@midlandisd.net 240-1451
    Quadrant 2 Jennifer Rambo jennifer.rambo@midlandisd.net 240-1443
    Quadrant 2 Clerk     240-1422
    Quadrant 3 Tricia Elrod tricia.elrod@midlandisd.net 240-1445
    Quadrant 3 Clerk Marianne Cabarle marianne.cabarle@midlandisd.net 240-1427
    Quadrant 4 Renee Hidalgo renee.hidalgo@midlandisd.net 240-1444
    Quadrant 4 Clerk Silvia Flores silvia.flores@midlandisd.net 240-1449