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    The Sick Leave Pool is a program designed to assist employees who have exhausted all accrued leave and are facing a personal or family catastrophic illness or injury.  Here's a brief overview:

    1. Purpose: The Sick Leave Pool allows employees to donate their accrued sick leave hours to colleagues who have depleted their leave due to a catastrophic injury or illness.
    2. Donor: Active employees with accumulated leave can contribute to the Sick Leave Pool.
    3. Donor Limit: Employees can contribute a maximum of 5 local or state days within a school year.
    4. Confidentiality: Donors remain anonymous to recipients of the sick leave pool.
    5. Eligibility to Withdraw: Employees who have worked for the district for 12 months and 1250 hours, exhausted all paid leave, and are affected by a catastrophic illness or injury (or their immediate family member) can request assistance from the Sick Leave Pool.
    6. Catastrophic Injury or Illness: Defined as a severe condition requiring prolonged treatment and causing loss of compensation from the district.
    7. Maximum Request: Eligible employees can request up to 30 days from the Sick Leave Pool.
    8. Request Process: Submit a Medical Certification completed by a doctor along with the Sick Leave Pool Request form to initiate the process. The Benefits Department will assess eligibility and provide further guidance.

    The Sick Leave Pool offers vital support during challenging times, ensuring that employees can focus on recovery without financial strain. Below are the required documents and FAQs to start the process:

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