How to claim health insurance from your employer?

    For questions regarding employees' medical deductible,  in-network providers, etc., please reach out to our on-site BCBS Account Manager:

    Sondra Hunt
    MISD Account Manager

    Trouble deciding where to go for treatment? Please watch the short video below:

    Know Before You Go (English)

    Know Before You Go (Spanish)

    MISD Employee Health Benefits:

    Learn to Live

    More than half of people will struggle with a mental health concern at some point in their lives but you can learn new skills to break old patterns that may be holding you back. Digital mental health programs from Learn to Live can help you get your mental health on track so you can feel better and enjoy life more. Just follow the steps below to get started:

    • Log in to your  Blue Cross Blue Shield account
    • Click on Wellness (top right tab)
    • Click on “Visit Learn to Live”
    • Click on "Get Started"

    Your information will prefill to get the process started. For additional information, please click here.


    Diabetes Health Benefit at NO cost:

    LIVONGO Diabetes Management

    Any Midland ISD employee, covered spouse, or dependent on the medical plan who has been diagnosed with diabetes has access to a state-of-the-art glucose meter called In Touch. 
    • Functions like a smartphone
    • Device, lancets, and strips are FREE
    • No fee, co-pay, or deductible
    • 24-hour support 
    • Access to Certified Diabetes Educators
    Call 800-945-4355  (CODE: MIDLANDISD) or Go to: GO.LIVONGO.COM/MIDLANDISD ​