• Who to Ask

    ELANA LADD, chief communications officer
    elana.ladd@midlandisd.net | 432-240-1042
    Elana Ladd leads the department as Chief Communications Officer and provides support to the superintendent and school board. She covers crisis communications and oversees brand and marketing for the district.
    DANA FLOYD, executive secretary
    dana.floyd@midlandisd.net | 432-240-1008
    Dana Floyd manages the administrative needs of the Chief Operations Officer and Chief Communications Officer. Dana also facilitates the district's flyer approval process.
    TREVOR HAWES, communications specialist
    trevor.hawes@midlandisd.net | 432-240-1044
    Trevor Hawes manages external communications. He is the district's primary media relations contact and is responsible for the district's social media, photography, videography, graphic design and print publication layout needs.
    SAM EATON, communications specialist
    samuel.eaton@midlandisd.net | 432-240-1043
    Sam Eaton manages internal communications. He is responsible for website management, parent and staff communications, the employee newsletter, district memos, school board updates and school board highlights.