• Who to Ask

    DODIE FRANKLIN, executive secretary
    dodie.franklin@midlandisd.net | 432-240-1008
    Dodie Franklin manages the administrative needs of the Chief Operations Officer and Chief Communications Officer. Dodie also assists with the district’s flyer approval process and open records requests.
    TREVOR HAWES, communications specialist
    trevor.hawes@midlandisd.net | 432-240-1044
    Trevor Hawes is the district’s primary photographer and graphic designer. He is also responsible for daily social media content, weekly "District Spotlight," monthly "School Board Meeting Recap," and updates to the “headlines & features” section of the district and campus websites.
    SAM EATON, communications specialist
    samuel.eaton@midlandisd.net | 432-240-1043
    Sam Eaton is the district’s primary contact for Blackboard, which includes the MISD smart phone app and parent communications software. Sam is also responsible for the weekly "Employee E-newsletter," district memorandums, and content management for the district and campus websites.
    BIN WANG, web developer and data programmer
    bin.wang@midlandisd.net | 432-240-1197
    Bin Wang serves as the district’s primary web developer and designer. He supports both Technology and Communications departments. He manages all hard coding of the website design and template with Blackboard.