• Career Academies

    At Midland ISD, our priority is preparing all students for college and career. In partnership with Midland College(MC), we offer students three transformative academies – Petroleum Academy, Health Sciences Academy and Business, Management and Technology Academy.

    Each academy is an open-enrollment program that complements our existing rigorous academic curriculum. As early as the 9th grade, students are able to embark on pathways that enable them to fulfill high school graduation requirements and earn college credits leading to industry certifications and university transfer programs.

    Midland ISD 8th grade students can apply for the following academies offered through the Midland High and Lee High School campuses in grades 9-12.

    Business, Management & Technology Academy

    The Business, Management and Technology Academy offers specialized pathways in business/office management, information technology, computer science, culinary arts and hospitality/ restaurant management. Students may choose from hands-on courses where they develop a business plan; design, develop and test software solutions; develop expertise in project management and programming languages; simulate office management using essential computer software; develop culinary arts skills; and participate in simulated activities related to the hospitality and restaurant industries.
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    Health Sciences Academy

    The Health Sciences Academy offers students preparation for a variety of health-related careers. Students may pursue certifications that including Certified Nurse Aide, EKG Technician and Phlebotomy Technician. By the time they graduate from high school, students will have had the opportunity to complete entire programs in Patient Care Technician, Emergency Medical Technician or Pharmacy Technician. Students in this academy may also begin their preparation for careers as nurses and physicians. The academy offers state-of-the art equipment and connections to our local medical community through guest speakers, field trips and clinical placements.
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    Petroleum Academy

    The Petroleum Academy prepares students for vibrant careers in the petroleum industry requiring highly skilled individuals for multiple technician positions. Students develop skills and knowledge in industrial safety, mechanical systems,fluid power, drilling practices, and production and safety regulations. Students have opportunities to pursue specialized technological certificates in energy, automotive, diesel and welding. Through the Petroleum Academy, students may also begin their journey to careers in engineering with coursework in robotics and computer science and engineering design culminating in a first college-level transfer course in engineering. Students regularly experience industry through hands-on state of the art labs and a variety of industry site tours.
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