• The Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) is part of the Texas Success Iniative program designed to help determine if students are ready for college level coursework in the general areas of reading, writing, and mathematics.  This program will also determine what type of course or intervention will best meet the student's  needs to help him/her become better prepared for college-level coursework if a student is not ready.

    Students entering college in Texas are required to take the TSIA - unless they are exempt - to determine readiness for college level work.  Based on the performance on this test, students may be enrolled in college level courses that match the skill level or be placed in appropriate developmental courses or intervention to improve skills and prepare the student for success in college level courses.


    A student may be exempt if he/she has met the minimum college readiness standared on the SAT or ACT.

    Please click here for additional information regarding the TSIA.

  • Steps to take the TSIA:

    • Speak to your counselor to see if you need to take the TSIA.  Get your campus TSIA schedule from the Counseling office.
    • Sign up and pay for the TSIA.  To take all 3 sections (reading, writing, and math), the fee is $25.00.  Each individual test costs $10.00 each.  Keep your receipt.
    • Take the pre-assessment.  This is mandatory.  Please click HERE to take the MISD PreAssessment.  You will receive a certificate of completion via email when you have finished.
    • Take your receipt of payment, a photo id, and your preassessment completion certificate to your campus's testing room on the day of the test.