• Parent Resources

    There are many resources available to parents. If you find yourself in need, I can help you locate where to get help. Below are some of the resources available to parents:

    Resources On Campus

    3:11 Ministries: They help with school uniforms and with Christmas needs.

    Unlock Ministries: They provide reading groups for our students here at Milam and around Midland. They meet at school during lunch for Fun Club. They also have Op Champs during the year and Op Camp during the summer for those who are in 4th - 6th grade. Fun Academy is in the summer for those in 3rd - 6th grade. Fun Academy typically meets for six weeks.

    Big Brothers/Big Sisters: They provide mentors for students. Students are paired with a match and will meet during their PE time.

    True-Lite Christian Fellowship: They provide mentors who meet during lunch time.

    Crestview Church: They provide students with weekend snack bags.

    Kaleidoscope: They also provide mentoring during lunchtime for students 4th - 6th grade.
    If you are interested or have questions about any of these services, please do not hesitate to call me. This is just a partial listing of available resources. I have many more I can provide to you. I can be reached at 432-240-7559 or email me at angelica.yorkman@midlandisd.net.

    Small Group Topics Available to Students

    These small groups are available at the request of parents and teachers for students who they see might benefit from such groups. A parent permission slip must be signed in order for me to work with students.

    Friendship Group: Learning skills on making healthy and lasting friendships.

    Minding My Mood: Students learn how to properly manage, express, and regulate their mood.

    Stress is a Pest: Students learn strategies on how to handle the stress and anxiety in their lives.

    Step Up to Success: Students learn strategies on how to stay organized andf motiviated in their school work. (For older students, this may occur during their WIN time, and may be recommended by their teacher.)

    Grief Group: Support group for students who are having a difficult time in their lives due to the death of a family member, divorce or separation of parents, or other life situations that cause a child grief.

    Life is an Adventure: This is for 6th graders only and will cover topics such as being more successful in junior high, strategies on handling problems with classmates in a respectful manner, and goal-setting/decision making skilss.

    If you would like your child in any of these groups, you can contact me at 432-240-7559 or email me at angelica.yorkman@midlandisd.net. As the year goes along, additional groups may be added.