• SB1153

    The Texas Legislature signed into law Senate Bill 1153. This law addresses education and supports for struggling learners. The following is a summary of SB 1153:

    Each school year the district must notify a parent of each child, other than a child enrolled in a special education program who are receiving assistance from the district through the use of intervention strategies.  Intervention Strategy is defined as “a strategy in a multi-tiered system of supports that is above the level of intervention generally used in that system with all children.  The term includes response to intervention and other early intervening strategies.” (SB 1153).  The notification must:

    • Be provided when the child begins to receive the assistance for that school year
    • Be written in English or, the extent practicable, the parent’s native language
    • Include:
      • A reasonable description of the assistance that may be provided to the child, including any intervention strategies that may be used
      • Info collected regarding any intervention in the base tier of a multi-tiered system of supports that has been previously used with the child
      • An estimate of the duration for which the assistance, including the use of intervention strategies used, will be provided.
      • A copy of the explanation provided under subsection (c).

    Every school year the school district must also provide “a written explanation of the options and requirements for providing assistance to students who have learning difficulties or who need or may need special education.”(SB1153) Essentially, it provides the following info:

    • A parent is entitled at any time to request an evaluation of the parent’s child for special education services or for aids, accommodations, or services under Section 504

    This form is provided by TEA and has already been included in the Student Handbook on the MISD webpage.

    In addition, the total number of students who used intervention strategies at any time during the year must be reported annually through PEIMS. 



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    Parent Notification of Interventions Template (English)              Parent Notification of Interventions Template (Spanish)

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