Parent Information

  • Building RTI Capacity on Campus

     As we continue to improve our implementation of RTI, it is important to train and be transparent with all campus staff. To better support campus RTI Coordinators, there is a link to a powerpoint that can be used when training your staff as well a recorded version. The key points to cover are as follow:

    • RTI is not the pathway to SPED. It is meant to be a preventative measure.
    • There isn’t one right system or framework for RTI.
    • Students can receive interventions as a part of all three tiers depending on the content and the skill.
    • Continue providing interventions for students regardless if a specialist begins to support them or if they are referred to SPED.
    • ALL students are OUR students.
    • PLC is a necessary foundation for RTI success.
    • If you put the majority of your effort into ensuring your Tier 1 core instruction is solid, you won’t be struggling to fill out plans for tons of students for Tier 2 & 3.


    Parent Talking Points

    In addition to the legal requirements for parent notification, it is also important that parents are consistently communicated with. To better help all instructional staff with parent communication, included in the following links are parent friendly explanations of RTI and frequently asked questions with responses that teachers/ leaders can use while communicating with community members. Knowing how transient our families are, it is important that we all speak the same language when communicating about RTI in the district so that consistency is clear from campus to campus. 

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