• Work Order Procedures

    Purchasing warehouse work orders are now done through Eduphoria, located under helpdesk from the home page. From there you will see the warehouse icon, once you are in the warehouse section you have 7 categories to choose from such as furniture, shred, assets...  When submitting work order please provide all necessary information such as location, description, and number of items being picked up.  Please have all items located in one area for pick up.  Due to the district growth, we are limited in time going from campus to campus.  In Eduphoria you can upload an attachment when submitting the work order this will alleviate emails for all attachments.  Once a work order is submitted please do not add to list just simply submit another work order.  Items not listed in work order will not be picked up so please make sure all items are properly listed.

    Fixed Assets

    The fixed asset form is located under the Purchasing Department on district website.  This form is used when deleting items from your campus or deptartment inventory.  MISD tagged or non-tagged items over $1000 go to Rita Rodriguez in Purchasing along with serial number, tag number, and location please do not mix items under that amount.  Rita will create work order for your campus or department once she has removed items from you inventory in TIPWeb.  ALL items that are $300 and above should be on a fixed asset form there are still items in the district that were loaded in TIPWeb before the value was changed to $1000.  These items can be uploaded in Eduphoria without sending to Rita Rodriguez in Purchasing. This form can be used for furniture and other equipment that do not have MISD tag or serial numbers.  If this form is used to list items being picked up you do not have to retype this information in Eduphoria just simply upload as attachment and list location of items.  Items not listed on form will not be picked up.

    Error in Shipment

    This form is used when you have received items on PO or warehouse requisition that do not match items ordered.  This form is located on MISD website under Purchasing-Warehouse.  If items received on PO or requisition are incorrect please fill out form alone with a copy of requisition and email to prowhse@midlandisd.net this includes shortages, overages, and exchanges.  Once submitted the warehouse will pick up items from your campus or department. Please do not contact the vendor.  Purchasing or warehouse personnel will do so that correct information is received in order to process credits, refunds, or exchanges in a timely manner.  Please inspect all electronic items within 2-3 days so that a vendor can be notified due to 7-14 day return window. Warehouse stock items should be reported within a 5 day of receipt.