• Listen & Learn Tour

  • We are happy to share our findings from the Midland ISD Listen & Learn Tour. Three major themes developed from our interaction with over 500 participants ranging from students to parents to community members. We have already begun implementing some of the suggestions and are diligently working on an overall plan to move forward to address the findings.

    Thank you Midland Community for your support in this endeavor. We look forward to a continued partnership to benefit our students in Midland.


    Theme 1

    Cultivate and sustain ongoing two-way communication between the district, individual campuses and families (e.g)

    • Ensure we are keeping the communication channels open and continuing to engage the community around MISD efforts
    • Continue to establish a culture of mutual respect and partnership with the community
    • Ensure our efforts meet the needs of our communities all the way down to the classroom level


    Theme 2

    Continue to focus our schools first and foremost on rigorous instruction in a rich, collaborative learning environment (e.g.)

    • Keep expanding magnet programs and fine arts programs
    • Keep Professional learning Communities (PLCs), collaboration opportunities and growth mindset/no excuses philosophy
    • Invest in and retain high quality teacher talent


    Theme 3

    Plan and invest for the road ahead (e.g.)

    • Fund the future: ensure we are maximizing our resources to support our kids, including via facilities and 21st century learning investments
    • Facilities: invest in our facilities infrastruture to ensure our schools are well equipped to serve our students
    • Technology for the 21st century: invest in the latest technology to support and empower our kids with the tools and skills necessary for 21st century jobs and careers
    • Take on bold transformation initiatives so drastically improve outcomes and opportunities for all our kids


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