• Directions for Completing an Application for a Magnet Program for School Year 2024-25.


    Magnet School: A school with a specialized area of study, application and geographic requirements. Magnet Schools are not considered neighborhood schools and require an application. Families can apply to these schools using the  Apply Midland application system.

    2024-2025 Magnet Programs

    Bowie Fine Arts Academy and Pease Communications & Technology Academy



    Parents of students who currently attend a magnet program must complete the intent to return process in the Apply Midland system by January 26, 2024 in order to secure a place for the 2024-2025 school year.



    Visit the www.midlandisd.net/apply to submit an application to magnet schools for the 2024-2025 school year. 


    Magnet Application Timeline for 2024-2025

      • December 5,2023: First Round Application Window Opens 
      • January 26 , 2024: First Round Application Window Closes
      • February 20, 2024: Second Round Application Window opens for Fall 2024
      • March 4, 2024 : Families Receive Offers
      • August 7, 2024: Second Round Application Window Closes


    Magnet Lottery Processes

    • The lottery processes applications by school, Magnet area (A,B, or C), and grade level
    • Applicants receive 
      • A priority based on any staff or sibling preferences and
      • A random lottery number
    • Applicants are sorted within each priority group by their random lottery number.
    • Through this lottery process, applicants will receive offers.
    • Applicants who do not receive an offer are placed on the waitlist in order based on their priority and random lottery number.
    • Waitlists are maintained for each school, Magnet area, and grade combination.
    • During the lottery, if a student receives an offer and has a sibling who also applied, that sibling receives a boosted priority.

    Magnet Waitlists

    • The waitlist process includes the following steps: 
    • Waitlists are created, by school, by section  and grade level, for students who do not receive admission in the lottery.  
    • If spaces become available, placement of students on the waitlist gives  priority to siblings of students already enrolled, accepted and attending the Magnet School program.  
    • Available seats are filled from the waitlist until the end of October. 

    Magnet Schools Bilingual or ESL programs

    • A lottery will be conducted for students who receive services the Bilingual/ESL program.  The lottery process for the bilingual Magnet School campus will follow the same criteria. 
    • Please note that Bilingual and ESL classes might not be offered at every school, but it is offered at locations throughout the district.  Bilingual /English as a Second Language (ESL) services will be offered on at least one Magnet School campus.