• In a collaborative effort with Midland Health and the Warren Charitable Foundation, to promote a positive culture, we at Midland Independent School District have been given pre-publication access to Joe Tye’s new online course on The Self Empowerment Pledge. Called PledgePower, this course features 21 ten-minute videos (three for each of the daily promises). For best results, make a commitment to 10-15 minutes per day for 21 straight days and watch the videos in sequence. We also encourage you to select a PledgePartner to be your accountability buddy; you can download the agreement form here. If you’re unable to make the 21 day commitment you can watch the videos at your own convenience, and at any time you can return to watch any that you need to see you again. Please join the Facebook group we’ve created for ongoing support and encouragement. Finally, since these promises also apply to your life beyond work, we encourage you to share this course with members of your family.

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    Pledge Power Videos