• Credentialing Speakers of Languages Other Than English 

    Midland ISD may allow speakers of the Languages Other Than English (LOTE) that are taught in MISD to be placed in higher levels of LOTE based on the student’s proficiency level demonstrated on a proficiency placement test.  Upon successful completion of the placement test, the student will receive credit for novice levels I and/or II. 

    The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for LOTE are similar from level to level with the proficiency level changing from novice to intermediate and again from intermediate to advanced.  All upper level TEKS for LOTE and proficiencies subsume the lower level TEKS for LOTE and proficiencies. 

    1. Speakers of LOTE taught in MISD can take a placement test which will allow them to place out of the novice levels of the language.
    2. The Director of Foreign Languages in conjunction with foreign language teachers will give the district placement test and make the recommendation.  This test will place the student at the appropriate level of the language and provide a grade.
    3. Teachers or counselors will notify parents of the recommendations and explain the procedure to the parents in order for the students to be placed.
    4. Teachers will give the recommendation with the appropriate parent communication documentation to the counselor before the student is placed in an upper level class.
    5. Texas Tech and UT Credit by Exam are still an option for students should they choose to accelerate by this method.
    6. These credentialing procedures are only for acceleration purposes.
    7. Existing MISD policy on passing rates will apply. “The District shall give a student in grades 6–12 credit for an academic subject in which the student has received no prior instruction if the student scores… Eighty percent or above on any other criterion-referenced test approved by the Board for the applicable course.” (EHDC Legal)


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