• Second Year of LOTE Substitution

    In accordance with TAC §74.12, the following substitutions are permitted under the Foundation High School Program.

    (1) A student may substitute another appropriate course for the second credit of LOTE, if after successfully completing the first LOTE credit, the student is determined unlikely to complete the second LOTE credit. The student’s ability to complete the second credit of LOTE must be determined by the appropriate committee. See TAC §74.12(5)(C)(i-iii) for details.

    The substitute course may only be applied for the second LOTE credit if the first credit of LOTE has been awarded.

    The following courses may be used as a substitute course for the second LOTE credit:

     World Geography Studies 

     Another course selected from another language (French, German, Latin, Spanish) 

    Second Year of LOTE Substitution Authorization Form

    Instructions for 2nd Year of LOTE Substitution Authorization