• Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is ZPass being used at MISD Schools?
    This fall, Midland ISD will roll out the ZPass Bus Safety Program to all our elementary bus-
    riding students. With the introduction of ZPass, we are pleased to announce your elementary
    campus and MISD Transportation will be able to provide you with real time accurate information
    on when and where your child gets on or off a school bus. ZPass is an innovative student
    electronic ridership system which provides school staff with the time, date and location that a
    student enters and exits a school bus. The program software is widely used and trusted by school
    districts across the nation. Each school bus is equipped with a ZPass ID badge reader. As
    students enter and exit their bus, they simply tap or swipe their ZPass ID badge in front of the
    badge reader located at the bus entry door. The system then records the time, date and location
    of entry or exit. This data is transmitted to a secure database only accessible to school
    administrative staff and authorized transportation staff.

    How will ZPass benefit a Parent?
    A parent may elect to automatically receive this same student ridership information for their
    children via text message, email or both. ZPass has a Parent Application which works on a
    variety of electronic platforms and is free to all parents who elect to participate. Once a parent
    signs up for this free service, a parent can receive text notifications whenever their child swipes
    their ID badge when boarding or departing a bus. These text notifications will include the time
    and location of pickup or drop-off. Parents can also log in from a desktop computer or tablet to
    receive these notifications.

    Will the ZPass system follow my child while they ride a Bus?
    No. Although the ZPass system uses GPS to read when and where a child enters or exits an
    MISD bus, this system is unable to detect where children are located on their bus route or where
    your child goes after they exit a bus. The ZPass system cannot follow or track your child’s
    personal ID badge in any active tracking or GPS follow mode.

    As a Parent, can I opt out of the use of this system?
    As a district we feel this ZPass system offers many advantages to parents and the district to give
    real time ridership information and accurately identify students riding MISD buses. In the rare
    case of an emergency, the district wants to be able to quickly and efficiently contact parents of
    bus riders and provide further information and instructions. For the safety of your children and
    our students we are not allowing a parent to opt out of this system.

    What if I do not want my child’s personal information listed on a badge?
    During the roll-out of the ZPass system at a campus, each student will be assigned a ZPass ID
    badge for their daily use to tap or swipe on the bus badge reader. This ID badge will
    electronically contain only the student’s ID number. Printed information on the ID badge will
    only show the student’s first and last initials and their ID number. No other personal student
    information will be electronically embedded onto this badge. In addition, the ZPass system and
    database will not electronically link to the student’s educational record and cannot provide any
    other student, parent information or student record data.

    When will my Child be required to use their ZPass Badge?
    All transportation eligible students will be required to wear or display their ZPass ID badge when
    boarding, riding or departing a school bus. In the event a student loses their ID or it is damaged,
    they will receive an additional ZPass ID free of charge. If a student loses their ID, they will not
    be denied transportation; however they will need to obtain a replacement ID from the campus
    office in a timely manner. Daily bus students will be required to use their badge each time they
    enter or exit a bus. Students riding a bus occasionally, such as on field trips; will be issued their
    badge from their teacher to use during special travel events.

    Is this ZPass ID system used by other school districts?
    ZPass is new to MISD, however this is not a new transportation safety system. This program has
    been utilized by a variety of school districts across the nation and MISD is currently using the
    ZPass system for our Bowie, Bunche, Carver and Pease students. We understand the rollout of
    any new safety program within the district will create some growing pains and questions to
    resolve. MISD is excited to offer this ZPass safety program to our elementary students. Please
    feel free to visit the ZPass website www.zpassplus.com or the MISD Transportation website
    www.midlandisd.net to obtain more information concerning the ZPass bus safety program and
    the transportation system serving MISD.

    When will Students begin using this system?
    Student ID’s will be issued by your home campus and the Principal will notify parents when
    student implementation of this service will begin.

    If I have more questions concerning this system, whom can I contact?
    Please feel free to contact your campus Principal who will be willing to help answer any question
    or concern you may have concerning the ZPass system. If your campus Principal is unavailable
    to answer your question, please feel free to contact the following district administrators.

    Willie Tarleton         
    Director of Transportation 
    (432) 240-1700