No wearing hats in the building
    No wearing hoods or hoodies up in the building
    Girl’s tops must cover the midriff at all times
    Boy’s tops must have sleeves.
    Holes in jeans can’t be higher than mid-thigh
    No tops with pictures or words that depict drugs, sex, alcohol or weapons.
    Anything the administration deems unacceptable.

    Police yourself. Rejoice in all the things you can wear instead of trying to stretch the limits of the few things you can’t wear.

    Cell Phones and Ear Buds:

    Cell phones should only be used in class when the teacher gives permission to do so.

    Ear Buds must be removed from your ears and from around your neck and head and put into your pocket, purse or backpack when you enter class.  


    As of September 1 a new state law goes into effect that requires a person to be 21 to purchase or possess tobacco products. Vaping or using other tobacco products on campus or at any school-related event will result in confiscation and discipline consequences.