The Midland Education Foundation Board of Directors operates independently of the District. The Board is made up of a cross section of the community. Members serve as volunteers without compensation for their work. Individuals are committed to providing assistance to educational activities, promoting scholarship, providing leadership and lending professional expertise to the Midland Independent School District.

    2021 Board of Directors

    Shaun Rainey, President

    Kristin Ditto, Vice President

    Roy Geer, Treasurer

    Whitney Groves, Secretary


    Bhavika Bhakta

    Laura Buckner

    Arturo Carrasco

    Krista Cohlmia

    Kristin Archie Ditto

    Christine Foreman

    Bernadette Granger

    Brad Heidelberg

    Andrew Mellen

    Stephen Johnson

    Rose Anna Richardson

    Todd Rogers

    Emily Statton Smith

    Blake Steadman

    Brian Stubbs

    Clint Williamson