• Gifted/Talented Services Referral Process

    If you are interested in applying for Gifted and Talented options for the 21-22 School Year complete the Intent to Apply form to be notified when the application process opens.

    The G/T General Referral (Previously called Nomination or Application) Period for ALL grade levels is October annually.  Students enrolling in Midland ISD from another school district may submit the appropriate online form below no later than 3 (three) weeks from the date of enrollment. The following are DocuSign Documents that require completion from an internet compatible device.  Please answer all the questions and the signature line.  The document will be automatically sent to the EAS office and send a message to you to save for your records. Please email Cindy Salazar at cindy.salazar@midlandisd.net if you have difficulties or questions.

    G/T Referral Forms: Complete the Elementary GT application for any grade level at Carver Center. All elementary services are provided at Carver. Secondary services are available at each secondary campus.

    G/T Transfers

    G/T identified students transferring from districts where prior services were provided may submit the forms no later than 3 (threes) weeks from the date of enrollmentComplete the Elementary GT Transfer for grades 1-6 provided at Carver CenterSecondary services are available at each secondary campus (grades 7-12).


    Appeals to Placement or to submit Late Referral FormsPlease complete all information. The student ID# is printed on your child's notification letter.  Click the G/T Appeal Form below to begin: