• Shining Stars

    The Midland Education Foundation honors the top 10 graduates from Midland High School, Lee High School, and the top graduate from Early College High School and Coleman High School.  The Foundation also recognizes outstanding educators as Honor Teachers who are chosen by the top scholars as having made a significant impact in the student's educational life.


    SHining Stars 2022-2023

    MISD Shining Star Scholars 2022-2023

    Coleman High School
    Daniel Quihui-Velarde

    Early College High School
    Andres BarBar Molero

    Lee High School
    Janak Bhakta
    Kendall Harrington
    Xyra Briggs
    Madilynn Green
    Claire Hall
    Elizabeth Babbel
    Cassie Bond
    Corissa Perez
    Bryson Baylor
    Iang Mawi

    Midland High School
    Sumner Pannell
    Lillian Smith
    Caden Carriger
    Grace Ware
    Sydalee Mills
    Shany Jaime
    Sarah Stewart
    Grayson Petty

    Emily COrbett
    Stella McDonald




     The Shining Stars from Lee High and Midland High had the following words to say about their honor teacher.

    LHS Honor Teachers 2022-2023

    MHS Honor Teachers 2022-2023