• Counselor's Corner

    What does the counselor do?

    As a counselor, I help the school in many ways. One of my jobs is to provide Character Education Lessons to students monthly. This is usually done in the teacher's classroom during the day. Lessons cover topics addressed to the monthly character theme as well as lessons covering bullying, behavior, test anxiety, etc. At the end of the month, each teacher chooses two students who will attend my "Character Lunch". These students get to eat in my office and are congratulated for being students of "Good Character"!

    I also work with students either individually or in groups. Students may be seen invidividually at the request of a teacher, administrator, or parent. In some cases, this may be a one time conference. However, there are times I may need to meet with the student more than once. In order for me to work with your child, I will have to have a parent permission slip signed. Reasons that I might work with a student include anger management, self-control, social skills, academic concerns, attendance, and grief. These are just a few of the areas I might work with, but there are many more. Please note, when I work with a student it is just for a brief period of time, and often is done during their PE time. Some students may need counseling that requires more than what I can provide. In these cases, community resources are provided. Group counseling is another form of counseling. Many of my groups involve helping students with study skills, social skills, and academics. Students are often refered to these groups by their teacher and/or an administrator. If you feel your child would benefit from individual or group counseling, please give me a call.

    Student Council is another one of my responsibilities. This is open for 4th - 6th grade students. Student Council is involved with many service projects throughout the year and helps with many of the special activities and programs here at Milam. To be in Student Council (sometimes called "StuCo" for short), a student must have good behavior, grades, and attendance. Student Council usually begins in September. If your child is interested, have them listen to the announcements regarding running for Student Council.

    Lastly, as a counselor I help with community members and businesses who wish to provide a service to Milam. A few community organizations and busineses that support our school include Parkhill, Smith and Cooper, Community National Bank, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Op Camp, True Lite Fellowship, Lighthouse Pentecostal, 3:11 Ministries, AT&T Pioneers, and Crestview Baptist Church. We also have other community organizations that lend a hand when needed. We would be lost without each of these organizations and businesses help!

    At any time you wish to speak with me about your child, community resources, or any other concern please call at 240-7559 or email me at angelica.yorkman@midlandisd.net. I am here at any time to help with your child!