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    Howdy Franks Families!

    It is my sincere honor to serve as the principal of GFE. This is my 16th year in education and each year has taught me valuable lessons and given me tools to help support students, staff and families. Before becoming the principal at GFE, I served as the assistant principal when we opened our doors in 2017. These past 4 years have helped me develop a love and deeper understand of the learning process as it applies to young learners. GFE has also helped me mark many personal milestones: getting engaged, getting married, becoming a mom,  completing my superintendent certification and preparing to apply for my doctoral degree in educational leadership. Getting to know the families that travel from the 349 corridor to attend GFE has been a great way to truly build a neighborhood community (even though our school is 6 miles south of where students live). 

    The 2019-20 & 2020-21 school years threw us many curve balls but we persisted through teamwork and grit. We have put together an amazing staff to kick off our 2021-22 year. We are growing as you can tell as homes and apartments are built in your neighborhoods. We are adding 7 new positions this school year. We have hired 9 new staff memebers.  Seeing staff and students excited about school each day as they enter the building drives my passion to pursue excellence for our campus. Our staff is top notch. They work hard to put students first and they lean on each other to grow their craft. We pride ourselves on our positive school culture that transitions to seamless procedures and and routines throughout our building. We set our expectations high, practice and revisit these often and student continue to grow and meet these. 

    Outside of school you will find me cooking, gardening, reading, working out and entertaining friends. The COVID shut down pushed our family to bring our hobbies to our home so how we have a great home office that allows me to principal and be a mom from home as needed, a home gym that keeps our family healthy and an outdoor space to create memories.  Our family includes our daughter, Duke our fur baby, our chickens (hatched at GFE!) and backyard turtles. The mountains make my heart happy and we try to escape to those often. We love to cook, read and listen to podcasts together. Fall is our favorite time of year because it is Aggie Football Season, WHOOP!  We have an amazing circle of friends in Midland that we refer to as our ‘Framily.’ Kyle is an entrepreneur and business owner of Goshawk Land Services & Wall Street Royalties. I am so proud of the business that he has built. His drive inspires me daily and his support for me & GFE is incredible.

    My passion in education is driven by wanting to create a school where all stakeholders love to be at our school. I am thankful for our partnership with the Warren Foundation that allows us to host the Midland Values Project Trainings on our campus. I love to support teachers in their growth and believe if I take care of teachers they are able to better care for your child. I also love serving and volunteering in our community. It is my hope that our community starts valuing & supporting our schools as much as we value the resources below the ground. We hope that you will volunteer and visit on our campus this year. We strive to build and  invite community partnerships into learning about the great things at GFE & Midland ISD. Together we pave the future for every single cadet that walks our halls.

    I hope you have a blessed year and know we are always here to support your families.


    Mrs. Andra Lancaster Jones, Proud GFE Principal