• Medication Guidelines

    According to Texas State law and Midland ISD policy, all medications that are to be Administered at school must comply with the following guidelines:

    1. All medications given must be in original container. This includes both prescription and over-the-counter medications. The medication has to be FDA approved with dosage information clearly marked on the container.

    2. All medication must be accompanied by a dated permission form signed by the parent/guardian. Prescription drugs will be given as indicated on the label.

    3. The over-the-counter medication must be age appropriate and may not be given more than three consecutive school days without a physician’s order to do so.

    4. Medications purchased in a foreign country (for example, Mexico) cannot be given.

    5. No medication is supplied by the school.

    6. Controlled medication (ex. Focalin, Strattera, Concerta, Ritalin or medication for pain control) or any other prescribed medication for behavior control will not be sent home with students. ALL medications of this type MUST be delivered to or picked up from the clinic by a parent or legal guardian. MISD will not accept responsibility for these types of medications until they are delivered to the clinic.

    7. Students may not carry any medications with them without a signed physician’s order (this includes cough drops).

    Please help us to assure the health and safety of your child by following the above guidelines.