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    Who: American Heart Association has a dashboard where all employees can set up their own account

    What: An online accountability system to encourage fitness among employees

    • We can have school competitions alongside personal competition

    • Easy to use system where you track how many min/miles you walk per day

    Where: Employees can walk before school, on lunch, after school, at home, etc…

    When: The program will last the duration of the school year with the leading school at the end of the year receives a prize (prize up for discussion…need ideas)

    How: Employees sign up at www.startwalkingnow.org

    • When they put in their info, the company they need to log is Midland ISD

    • The team name needs to be their school or division (admins only)

    • Their info is confidential; when tracked it shows the teams progress and amount of steps taken

    • The employee keeps up with their progress by logging it into the system

    • The Free App “sports tracker” works with the system if an employee doesn’t currently have a pedometer

    • Have created “walks” on runkeeper (a free app) and mapped out a one mile walk from central office; at a majority of other campuses they have park area and are already mapped out by the city, if not, we can map out a walking trail