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  • There are three ways to define students who were enrolled in the prior school year and who do not re-enroll the following school year. These include Leavers, Movers, and Dropouts. 

    Leavers are students who were served in grades 7 – 12 during the prior school year but have not enrolled in the district during the current school year. This includes students who graduate, receive a court-ordered GED, return to their home country, enroll in a school out of state, enter a private school, enroll in homeschooling, enter college, are expelled, removed by Child Protective Services, incarcerated in state or federal facilities, pass away, or drop out.

    Movers are students who move or officially transfer from one Texas public school district to another and reported to PEIMS by another district. Movers include students who enroll in another Texas public school, earn a GED certificate, withdraw to enter a health care facility outside the district, or are incarcerated in a Juvenile Probation Office.

    A dropout is a student who was enrolled in a public school in Grades 7-12 but does not return to public school or another educational setting the following Fall when they were expected to do so (i.e. the student was not expelled, did not graduate or receive a GED certificate, begin college or pass away). Students who have been coded with a mover code but cannot be tracked through the PEIMS/TSDS submission as enrolling in another Texas public school during the school-start window or obtaining a GED by August 31will be considered a dropout.

    Note: The State Accountability System defines a dropout as a student who has not completed the criteria to earn a high school diploma or GED, while the Federal Accountability System defines a dropout as a student who has not completed the criteria to earn a high school diploma.


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