The links below will take you to the necessary forms to complete a request.

    (Requires Principal Approval)
    (Complete the above form & submit via workorder in Eduphoria)

    The software approval process has changed. 
    Requests should be filled out using Eduphoria FORMSPACE.
    1.  Before requesting, please check to see that the software has not previously been approved HERE. 
    2.  If you see it on the "Approved" list, you do not need to submit the form.  Submit a workorder to request installation. If not, proceed to the next step. 

    3.  CLICK HERE to login to Eduphoria and begin.

    4.  Choose Formspace>"Submit New Form" (from lower left-hand corner)>Software Approval Forms> Select the appropriate form to begin completion.  
    Once submitted, the form will automatically be routed to the district approvers. You can check the status at any time by accessing Formspace and selecting the "My Forms" tab.  
    Please be patient, as there are several steps to the approval process!