• Transportation Assignments and Duties (short summary)

    Willie A Tarleton              Director of Transportation Services

                                            (W)432-240-1700 – tarleton@midlandisd.net


    ·        Oversees the Transportation Sector; Overall management

    ·        Oversees all Drug and Alcohol screenings, DOT physicals, Region 18 bus driver certifications, and DPS compliance.

    ·        Approves all TOM Emergency Trips

    ·        Advises Superintendent of inclement weather

    ·        Investigates all school bus accidents and student safety violations

    ·        Works closely with TASB (District Transportation Insurance)

    ·        Works with T & L with transporting ESL, Newcomers, Homeless, Head start, Special Education, AEP, and all route adjustments.

    ·        Recruit and recommend for hire and accepts all resignations

    ·        Manages employee conflict and investigates all avenues of said conflict to find a resolution

    ·        Oversees Transportation Building issues

    ·        Responsible for all quarterly and yearly state reports

    ·        Works with different entities in applying and receiving Grant monies for the Transportation Sector

    ·        On call for all out of town trips

    ·        Responsible for all MISD vehicles to be registered with the Midland County Tax Office Motor Vehicle Division


    Dodie Franklin                  Transportation Supervisor

                                            (W)432-240-1700   dodie.franklin@midlandisd.net


    ·        Oversees drivers and monitors in day to day responsibilities

    ·        Trans Finder database

    ·        Assigns Tutorial and After School Activity buses

    ·        Assists in coordinating TOM TRIP assignments

    ·        Follows up with drivers on random drug and alcohol testing

    ·        Works with building administrators with route issues and student management

    ·        Assists with student rosters

    ·        Invoices all yellow bus trips

    ·        Assists in developing routes

    ·        Assists in Call Center

    ·        Works closely with Athletics with scheduling trips


    Frank Martinez              Safety Communication Specialist

                                           (W)432-240-1700   frank.martinez2@midlandisd.net


    ·        Provides video clips to Campuses when there is an issue on a school bus

    ·        Assists campuses with TOM program

    ·        Assist with Zonar and ZPass

    ·        Assist with Transfinder

    ·        Assist campuses with Transpor and the “T” drive