• About Us

    Carver Center is a unique campus offering one of the finest gifted and talented programs in the state of Texas serving identified G/T students of Midland ISD. The program was originally created through the inspirations of Patricia Maurer, retired principal of Carver Center, and Dr. Joseph Baressi, retired superintendent of Midland ISD. The Board of Trustees and subsequent superintendents have continued to support the program because of the extraordinary successes of the students.

    Under the leadership of Dr. Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Midland ISD, school year 2011-2012 marked a significant change in programming. On August 22, 2011, Carver Center opened its doors as a full time elementary school for identified gifted and talented students in grades two through six. Extensive retrofitting has occurred including but not limited to the construction of a full purpose library, relocating and upgrading the computer lab, replacing and enlarging playground areas, and installing wireless networking in all areas. In August of 2015, Carver opened its doors to Midland ISD 1st grade GT students. This new addition once again shows the committment that the Midland ISD leadership and the school board have for Carver Center and Midland ISD's Gifted Program.

    Curriculum re-programming is ongoing as we honor our treasured past but embrace the future. Each grade level continues to be involved in a theme based study in the four core content areas. In-depth research and projects are the focus of the enrichment studies that enhance the district curriculum. The tradition of achievement, not only local, but also state and national recognition for Carver is being embraced by students and faculty.

    Key to any successful school is the support of parents. Carver Center is grateful for the opportunity to serve with extraordinary parents in providing for our children.


    Carver Through the Decades

    "Carver Through the Decades" was a performance by Carver Center students on Thursday, May 3, 2018 to honor the 50th anniversary of the last graduating class of Carver High School. It recognizes the rich history of all that Carver was, is and continues to be in the Midland community. The play depicts the years from 1933 to 1968 when Carver was not only a high school, but the center of the community it served. The students were honored to have Carver High School Alumni as special guests, and want to thank all of those who helped make this performance possible! The story of Carver matters to us that work and go to school at Carver today, to the students that attended, and to the history of Midland. The first video is the student performance. At the end of the performance the alumni treated the audience to a rendition of the Carver High School Song, which is presented in the second video.  

    First Video-Student Performance

    Second Video-Carver High School Song