• Accessing E-Books for Students:

     1,432 English ebooks, 35 Spanish ebooks


    1. Click on the Follett Destiny Discover icon below to be directed to the library catalog.
    2. Login Information:
      1. Username is 6 digit student ID number
      2. Password is the student’s last name in lowercase letters
    3. E-Books should be the first section you see when you are in Destiny Discover
    4. Use the filter options on the left hand side to narrow your search (language, subject/genre, reading level, etc.)
    5. Select the book you would like to read and click the “open” button
    6. Enjoy reading!
      1. Each ebook has a read aloud option. After opening the book click on the play icon at top right corner and it will begin reading the book out loud. For audio options, click on the speaker icon in the top right corner. You will be able to choose the speed at which the book is read aloud and different voices.
Destiny Discover Ebooks