Student Transfers

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    Online Transfer Application: English / Spanish 

    Parents will receive notification of whether their transfer request was approved or denied.  Transfers can only be approved if there is space available at the school you want your child to attend and if the reason is allowable by District Policy.  To find out if there is room for additional transfers, please call Student Services and 432-240-1520.

    Please call Student Services for more information. 


    Once a student has enrolled in the school serving his or her neighborhood or in another school on transfer, the choice may not be changed during that school year except in the case of a hardship.  If a parent wishes to establish a hardship, specific reasons for the transfer request must be stated on the transfer application form. Hardship transfer requests are considered on a case-by-case basis throughout the school year. 



    In accordance with Board Policy FDB(LEGAL) parents may request that their child be transferred to another classroom or campus if the District has determined that the student has been a victim of bullying, sexual assault by another student, or a violent criminal offense while at school or on school grounds.  Also in accordance with legal policy and in consultation with the parent, the School Board may transfer a student who engaged in bullying to another classroom or campus.  For more information, refer to the MISD Student and Parent Handbook, or call Student Services. 



    The student transfer application is available on line and can be completed from your computer. Complete one student transfer application for each student.   After April 12, all applications should be made in person.  Online applications are no longer being accepted.



    Under the PEG intra-district transfer provision, a parent of a student assigned to a campus listed as a PEG campus may apply to attend another campus in the same school district for the 2017-2018 school year.   If your child is assigned to a campus on the PEG list, you may apply for a PEG transfer through April 12, 2017, using the regular Student Transfer Application   In the event that your student is new to MISD and will be attending one of our campuses for the first time, you may contact the Office of Student Services for information on PEG transfers and to find out if your child is assigned to a PEG campus. 

    Elementary Campuses that are on the PEG List:

    Bonham, Burnet, Bush, DeZavala, Houston, Lamar, Long, Milam, Bunche, Rusk, South and Travis 

     Since both senior high campuses are on the PEG list, transfers between those schools will not be approved as we are prohibited from transferring students from one PEG campus to another PEG campus.  Additionally, PEG transfers will not be granted to Abell due to high enrollment at that campus.



    Students whose parents reside in a district other than Midland Independent School District may request a student transfer to attend Midland ISD by completing a separate "out of district" transfer application.  The "out of district" application may be obtained by visiting the Office of Student Services.  The application process requires that parents provide a copy of the student's discipline report, attendance report, and grade report. Note that Midland ISD may choose not to accept students from other districts.  Also, Midland ISD may charge tuition for students who reside outside Midland ISD.  Midland ISD will not provide transportation.  The deadline to apply for an Out of District transfer is April 12, 2017.



    Transportation for all students who attend a campus on a transfer (whether in district or out of district) is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.