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    If you would like to send information to the committee about any alumni for the "Wall of Honor", please email or contact us.


    NOTE: Nominations for new members for 2021 are due by July 30th.



    1. Candidate must be a graduate of Robert E. Lee High School, or served as a LHS faculty/staff member, or has made a significant contribution to the quality of Lee High School.
    2. LHS graduate must have graduated fifteen (15) years prior to this nomination
    3. Candidate must be worthy of emulation by current Lee High School students.
    4. The candidate must have made a significant contribution to society or a substantial professional accomplishment.


    Candidate's Name: 
    Year of graduation (if LHS grad) or Years of service at LHS:       
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    Reason for Nomination:

    (Be specific about area of endeavor, titles/honors/awards earned or conferred, or other pertinent facts and information about your nominee’s accomplishments. Attach information, such as clippings,URLs or other documentation to this form.)


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    Deadline for Submissions:  Not set yet

    Drop off, fax or mail forms to:
    Ms Shannon Torres, Principal
    Lee High School
    3500 Neely Avenue
    Midland, TX 79707