The Call Center at the Transportation Complex has been put in place in order to better serve the community. This Call Center has staff members available to take calls in the order that they are received. Staff members will be able to answer your questions in regard to transportation. All Calls that come into transportation are recorded. The number listed below is the number to call; if it is busy, it will roll over to another line that will be answered by the next available person. Your calls are important to us in MISD transportation. We realize there is a high volume of calls at times, and this feature will ensure that your call is handled in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

    Phone : 432-240-1700
    Hours of Operation 7:00 am - 6:00 pm 

    Tarleton Willie A. Tarleton

     Director Of Transportation Services
    Willie supervises all aspects of the transportation department which has over 190 Yellow Buses, 10 Coach Buses and 200 White Fleet Vehicles  that belongs to other Departments. The buses travel over two million miles per year. He also supervises over two hundred employees.


    Dodie Bell 


     Transportation Supervisor - Supervise daily operations of the Transportation Department


     Carrie Lovett

    Lead Driver - Routing Specialist - Oversees the day to day Bus route plans for the eligible bus riders for the MISD School District. This includes Special Education routes as well as regular routes. Also handles requests for field trips. (a.k.a. TOM trips) 

    Frank Martinez



     Safety Communication Specialist -  DVR Video Analyst / Specialist for the Transportation Department. Removes the DVR hard drives and creates video clips of bus incidents at the request of the Principals or MISD Police. Also works closely with the Zonar Tracking System on the buses, as well as performing the necessary maintenance to keep the units in proper working order.