• Early College High School @ Midland College

    Commitment to Excellence



    Teacher Commitment

    We fully commit to ECHS @ MC In the following ways:


    ·         We will always be kind and treat others with respect.

    ·         We will always maintain high expectations of our students.

    ·         We will always protect the safety, interests, feelings and rights of all individuals in the classroom.

    ·         We will do whatever it takes for our students to learn, responding to the special needs of at-risk students.

    ·         We will implement the ECHS Instructional Framework.

    ·         We will work as a team, following all ECHS @ MC and MISD policies to establish professional accountability and coherence.

    ·         We will help sponsor at least one activity/organization.

             We will arrive at school every day at 7:30 a.m.

    ·         We will be available after school at least 3 days per week for tutorials.

    ·         We will always make ourselves available to students/parents, and address any concerns they might have.

    ·         We will communicate with parents when students are failing.



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