• "Music to me is like breathing -- I don't get tired of breathing, I don't get tired of music." -- Ray Charles
    Karen and Girls
    Karen McAfee conducts the orchestra at Lee High School.
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    Elementary Strings is offered daily on each campus on the days that the students do not attend the Carver GEM Program. Students are given the opportunity to enter the program at the sixth grade level and continue through their senior year in high school.

    Students who have been involved in the elementary strings program may continue their participation in the MISD Orchestra program in grades 7-12. Both the Lee High School and Midland High School orchestras have gained state and national recognition. The MISD Orchestra program continues to be one of the most successful programs in the state.
    Spring Strings District-Wide Events
    Spring Strings 2007
    The culminating event of the year for orchestra students is a district-wide concert with all MISD strings students from the beginners to the All-State veterans. The elementary schools, junior highs, freshman campuses and high schools joined together this year for some hand-clapping, foot-stomping Texas-sized fun. In West Texas, we sometimes take our culture with a side of barbecue and a Dr. Pepper. Yee-haw and pass the rosin
    orchestra girl RESULTS
    UIL Region 6 Junior High Orchestra
    Concert and Sightreading

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    The contest was held at Midland High School Auditorium hosted by Shari Allison and the MHS Orchestra.
    Robert E. Lee High School and Feeder System
    06 Hauntcert 2006 "Hauntcert"
    An annual event at Lee High School, the 2006 "Hauntcert" was titled, "What's Up at the Symphony?" and featured music from well-known cartoon episodes and animated films. Besides the performances, there was a costume contest, celebrity judges and lots of surprises and disguises. From the grand entrances of conductor Karen McAfee to the antics of a mystery emcee, Halloween was celebrated in MISD with panache. Oh, and a lot of candy.
    Midland High School and Feeder System
    Cellist with a broken arm Goddard and San Jacinto -- Fall 2006
    The orchestras at Goddard and San Jacinto Junior Highs, conducted by JoAnne Bonnington, and Bill DeLevan respectively, presented a fall concert on October 24, 2006. The audience at Midland Freshman High School was treated to the first "orchestra" concert by last year's sixth grade strings students. They had certainly grown up, both in appearance and in sound. Bravo!