MISD and Midland College cooperate in a dual credit enrollment plan whereby students may earn both credit for high school graduation and credit for college hours simultaneously. Our College Connect Advisor, Mrs. Gonzalez, has limited scholarship funds left for students who are eligible. She is on the MHS campus in the Junior Office every afternoon.
    Mrs. Becky Gonzalez
    (432) 689-1125
    Upcoming Midland College Parent Meeting Nights:
     Thursday, February 22nd 6:00 pm - Marie Hall bldg, rm 101
     Thursday, March 22nd 6:00 pm - Marie Hall, rm 101
     Thursday, April 26th 6:00 pm - Marie Hall, rm 101 

    ***Availability of dual credit classes is determined by teacher qualifications. ***

    Due to accrediting regulations, there is a 30-hour limit on dual credit courses taken on the high school campus. Students enrolled in specified MISD courses during the regular school year will also be given the option of registering with Midland College for the corresponding college course. Upon successful completion of the course, both credit for high school graduation and credit for college hours will be awarded.

    Students who have prior approval from their counselor and have fulfilled the TSI (formerly THEA/COMPASS) requirement may register for specified classes at Midland College.

    *Students must pass the reading and writing portion of the TSI prior to enrolling in English 1301, English 1302,
    English 2322, English 2323, French 1411, French 1412, French 2311, French 2312, German 1411, German 1412, German 2311, German 2312, Spanish 1411, Spanish 1412, Spanish 2311, and Spanish 2312.

    *Students must pass the reading portion of the TSI prior to enrolling in Biology 1408, Biology 1409, Chemistry 1411, Chemistry 1412, Computer Science 1430, Computer Science 2430, Criminal Justice 1301, Criminal Justice 1307, Economics 2301, Economics 2302, Government 2301, Government 2302, History 2321, History 2322, Information Technology 2313, Music 1311, Music 1312, Spanish 1411, Spanish 1412, Spanish 2311, and Spanish 2312.

    *Students must pass the math portion of TSI prior to enrolling in Computer Science 1430. Computer Science 2430,  information Technology 2313, Math 1316, Math 1348, Math 2413, Math 2414, and Math 1342.

    Dual Credit Application and Enrollment Process

    The deadline for completing this registration process for 2018-2019 is June 21, 2018.

    Step 1: Complete application online at www.applytexas.org. MC Admissions Office will send an acceptance notification via email that will include Student ID, PIN, and online instructions to enroll in course(s) NOTE: Sophomore AP students, first time CTE students and students who signed up to take a dual credit class last spring were called in to complete the application last year. If these students are unsure whether they completed the application, contact Mrs. Gonzalez at 689.1125 during the morning hours. Students who enrolled in a dual credit course last year have already met this requirement.

    Step 2:  All students planning to enroll in mathematics courses must take the Midland College Math Placement test. (Other exemptions are allowed for the ACT, SAT, PLAN exams). Midland College Testing Center may be reached at 685-4504. The cost for the TSI is $29.00. The math placement test is free. * The testing center requires an appointment for students who need to take the TSI. The MC testing center is located in the Scharbauer Student Center. Students should test immediately in order to meet the deadline in June. Click here to view TSI testing dates at MHS.

    Step 3: Complete Parent/Student Agreement Form online- or down load the PDF version and turn it into Midland College Admission office. This form is required yearly and must be completed in order to register for any dual credit course. (Forms will be available during the registration on the MHS Campus and requires a parent signature).

    Step 4: Enroll in College course(s). Online – MY MC PORTAL or in person at the MC campus. Midland College personnel will be on the MHS campus in the Library to assist students/parents with dual credit registration. Please bring the student ID and PIN number that was emailed to the student when they completed the online application. (Lost/forgotten Student ID or PIN please click the lost PIN or ID link located on the Campus Connect login page. If you are still unable to retrieve your ID and PIN please complete the Contact form or email: admissions@midland.edu). Students will receive information from their teachers regarding the dual credit course names and numbers.
      Thursday, February 23rd 6:00 pm, at Midland College, in the Marie Hall bldg, rm 101. 
      Thursday, March 23rd 6:00 pm, at Midland College, Marie Hall, rm 101
      Thursday, April 20th 6:00 pm, at Midland College, Marie Hall, rm 101 

    Step 5: Pay online - Log on to MY MC PORTAL. Select the "Student information" heading and then "Review/Pay Bill". If you prefer, you may set up an interest-free, automatic payment plan online. Go to Campus Connect, "Review/Pay Bill," and select FACTS payment plan. Or you may pay in person at the MC Cashier Office. All payments are due by the end of June.

    Click on this link for more information about Midland College Dual Credit: