• Uniforms 
                                                 Male Uniform
    Cadet Male Hatgear
    Cadet Lightweight Blue Jacket
                                        Cadet Male service Dress
    Male Service Dress
    Cadet Male Blue Shirt
                                                 Female Uniform
    Cadet Female Headgear
    Cadet Lightwieght Blue Jacket
    Cadet Female 1620 Service Dress
    Cadet Female Blue Shirt
     Female Polo  
    Male Polo  
    Uniform Regulations



    Uniform will be worn for the entire day on designated uniform days.

    Having your uniform in the cleaners is not an accepted excuse even stated by parents, etc. (Most cleaners offer one day service).

    Leaving school for an appointment is no excuse for not wearing the uniform. If you are leaving school and returning after the appointment, you must wear your uniform back to school. (The only exception is you never wear your uniform to court for a disciplinary reason.)

    Cadets will be given a personal inspection each uniform day, and will start with a maximum of 100 points.

    If you are absent on uniform day, it is your responsibility to make it up the next school day. It is your responsibility to get inspected. If you fail to do this, you will receive a "0" for that uniform day.

    You will be issued either a new or clean uniform at the beginning of the school year. It is your responsibility to keep it clean, pressed and in good repair, i.e. repairing rips. or buttons, etc.

    You must always wear your hat outside. This includes going to and from school and at the bus stop.

    Never stand around with your hands in your pockets.

    Keep buttons buttoned and zippers zipped.

    Do not put bulky items in your pockets.

    Shoes must be shined.

    Always wear your nametag.

    Keep all metal items clean and shined.


    Beards- Will not be worn. If you have any facial hair it must be shaved off every uniform day.

    Hair: Must be tapered all around. Cannot stick out of the front of your hat, will not touch the eyebrows when combed, and will not touch the ears. Must be kept clean, combed and absolutely NO BRAIDS.

    Mustaches: Will not extend downward beyond the lip line of the upper lip.

    SideburnsWill be trimmed and tapered in the same manner as your hair. (So shaved heads and sideburns). They must be straight and will not extend below the bottom of the ear opening.

    Earrings: You will not wear earrings while in uniform.

    Rings: A total of three rings may be worn with the uniform. You may wear a conservative watch and a small conservative bracelet. No chains or necklaces will be worn unless they are hidden.

    Tee ShirtYou must wear a plain white tee shirt with your uniform at all times. If you wear the short sleeve without tie you must have a "V" neck tee shirt.

    Hat: will be worn squarely on head, two finger width from the right eyebrow.

    Service CoatBlue buttoned up coat. Cadets wear their rank on their lapel. You must wear your ribbons with this uniform, but your nametag is not required. Coat can be removed while sitting in class. When worn, it must be buttoned up at all times. A tie must be worn with this uniform and it will not be loosened or removed at any time. If you lose a button get a hold of any logistics member for a replacement.

    Long Sleeve Shirt: When wearing the long-sleeve shirt you must wear a tie. Do not roll up the sleeves. Shirt must be neatly tucked into trousers at all times. Must wear nametag.

    Short Sleeve Shirt: Can be worn with or without a tie. If worn without a tie, leave the top button open. You must wear a "V" neck tee shirt with this uniform. Your shirt must be neatly tucked in at all times. Your shirt, back of the belt buckle and zipper must be in a straight line. This invisible line is called a "GIG LINE".

    Zip Up JacketAlways keep the jacket zipped at least half way.

    TrousersMust not be washed or thrown into dryer. Must have back pocket buttoned at all times and you must always wear them on your waist and wear your belt.

    Shoes: Will be laced and tied tight at all times.Must wear plain black socks.


    Cosmetics:  Will be conservative and in good taste. Nails will be no longer than ¼th of an inch when measured from the top edge of the finger. Nail polish will be conservative in color some examples of extreme colors are purple, gold, black, blue or bright fire engine red and fluorescent colors and will not contain any ornamentation. Nail polish will be limited to one color. French tips are allowed.

    HairWill be kept clean and well groomed. If dyed, it must be a natural color. Plain or conservative combs, pins or barrettes similar to individuals hair color may be worn. Will not be worn in extreme fad style. Will not extend below the bottom of the collar when standing straight. Will not wear ribbons, bows, or jeweled silver, or gold pins, combs, or scrunches. Must be worn in a way that your hat fits properly. Long hair will be secured with no loose ends.

    Jewelry: Only conservative, diamonds, pearls, gold, silver or black spherical earrings may be worn. Only one pair will be worn in the ear lobe. A total of three rings may be worn at a time and they will be conservative. Also a conservative watch and one bracelet ½ inch in width can be worn. No necklaces or chains unless they are hidden and cannot be seen.

    Hat: Must be worn squarely on head. Do not wear on the back of the head. When worn properly, you should be able to touch your right eyebrow and the tip of your hat by placing two fingers between the brow and the front of the hat. Hat insignia is centered 1 ½ inches from the front edge of the hat, centered between the top and bottom edge of the hat.

    Service Coat: Can be worn with either the pants or skirt. Can be removed while in class. You must wear a tie tab with this coat. Do not wear a nametag but you must wear your ribbons. Can be worn with either the long or short sleeve shirt.

    Long Sleeve Blouse: Must wear a tie tab with blouse. Do not roll up the sleeve. Must be neatly tucked in your slacks at all times.

    Short Sleeve Blouse: Can be worn with or without tie tab. Must be tucked into your slacks or shirt at all times. If females wear tee shirts, they cannot protrude below the short sleeve and be seen at the top of the blouse without the tie tab.

    Zip Up Jacket: Must be zipped at least half way when worn. You must wear rank on this jacket at all times.

    Skirt: Will be no shorter that the top of the knee. You may purchase plain black dress shoes to wear with the skirt, or it can be worn with your issue shoes. You must wear nylon stockings with skirt. They will be a natural color.

    Slacks: Can be worn with issue shoes or pumps. If you wear pumps, you must bring your issue shoes to march in.


    Shoes: Will be shined each uniform day. Must be laced and tied tightly at all times.

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