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    USA-Honor Guard-USA
    The MHS Honor Guard is the varsity color guard and is made up of the top twelve cadets on the Color Guard plus a bugler. Each cadet attends over sixty events during the year. Each Honor Guard Team consists of two riflemen and two to three flag bearers. This highly requested unit performs for a multitude of events with community and veteran organizations in Midland and across West Texas. Generally, the Honor Guard either presents or posts the Colors at events and meetings. To obtain membership on the Honor Guard requires many hours of practice and the ability to pass a written and performance based exam. Honor Guard members are held to a higher standard than the average cadet and must be proficient with the rifle manual of arms drill.
    - Honor Guard NCOIC - C/TSgt. Hilliard



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    Rifles-Armed Drill-Rifles
    The Armed Drill team consists of a group of cadets focusing mainly on the art of handling and/or spinning 1903 Springfield rifles. To compete in competitions on the team, cadets must first go through training with the upper classmen and learn a series of "Stationary and moving Routines". They start out with beginner stationary drill and begin to work their way up depending on accuracy and performance skills. As the cadet proceeds through the Armed Drill program, he/she may reach the point to be allowed to compete on an advanced honor team. This up to a four man team performs unusual, extremely advanced, and difficult sequences in their drill competitions. Only cadets with the highest scores on the drill team can and will be allowed to perform such tasks. That being said, this is the ultimate position for Armed Drill.
    - Armed Team Captain - C/
     - Armed Regulation Team NCOIC - C/
    - Armed Exhibition Team NCOIC - C/
    Unarmed-Unarmed Drill-Unarmed
    Unarmed Drill is a team of cadets whom mainly centralize their expertise upon stationary, marching, and exhibition drill. These cadets perform a basic drill routine and then perform in the exhibition phase were various techniques are used to create an energetic exhibition routine. Participation in unarmed drill requires commitment, concentration, and diligence to be successful in the unarmed drill team.
    - Unarmed Team Captain - C/2Lt. Parsons, Jacob
     - Unarmed Regulation Team NCOIC - C/Amn. Miller, Shawnna
    - Unarmed Exhibition Team NCOIC - C/Amn. Miller, Shawnna

    Raiders' focus is on military style physical fitness and skills that are common to most military units. Training includes survival, land navigation, rappelling, marksmanship, field living techniques, physical fitness training, and more physical fitness training and more physical fitness training. Raiders' also form the core of the Thunderdawg Community Emergency Response Team or CERT. Trained to back up the first responders in case of a community emergency, the Raider Cadets have training provided by police, fire department, and EMTs. The Raiders also form the Physical Fitness Teams during drill meets.
    - Raiders Commander - C/1Lt. Modkins, Ernest
     - Raiders NCOIC - OPEN
    The Marksmanship team is a team that uses air-powered rifles to shoot at a target 10 meters (33ft) away. They have competitions within the core and postal shoots which enable competitions with other schools/programs. They must be highly accurate and are required to take a week long safety course to ensure there are no accidents because "Safety is our number one goal."
    - Marksmanship Team Captain - C/A1C. Julian, Chris
     - Marksmanship Team NCOIC - C/A1C Julian, Chris
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