MIDLAND HIGH SCHOOL
                                               HALL OF HONOR MEMBERS
    Induction Year Class of  Name Accomplishments
    1984 1930 Woody Adams TCU All-American and Green Bay Packers professional football player, founder of Williams & Lee Scouting Services.
    1984 1960 Michael Collins Austin-based author of works on anthropology and archaeology.
    1984 1961 Tom Craddick Texas state representative from Midland since 1968, known for his work on energy and natural resources legislation.
    1985 1951 Glenn" Gus Baker Author and lecturer, and Industrial Education Professor at Texas A & M.
    1985 1973 Bo Baskin Rhodes scholar at Oxford University, a scholar of politics and economics.
    1986 1963 Dr. Gregory Bartha Yale University Medical School graduate, local Midland physician.
    1987 1920 *J. Evetts Haley Midland cattleman and author, Founder of Haley Museum and Library.
    1987 1951 Daphane Tabor Former Girl Scouts of America executive and humorist.
    1987 1962 Woody Gwyn Santa Fe-based artist
    1988 1953 Dr. Gerry Geisler Dallas based hear transplant surgeon
    1989 1911 *Leonard Proctor Midland Cattleman
    1989 1913 *Foy Proctor Midland cattleman 
    1989 1917 *Leona McCormick Bryant Smith Entertainer who performed for American Troops in WWll, a public speaking teacher who established scholarships at MHS.
    1990 1956 Carroll M. Thomas Midland geologist and former Midland Mayor.
    1991 1937 Robert E Payne, PH.D. Physicist in the U.S. aerospace program in California
    1991 1966 Mark Craig Director of Lunar and Mars exploration for NASA
    1992 1965 Doug Russell Winner of gold medals in swimming in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico.
    1992 1969 Dr. James Montgomery Dallas orthopedic surgeon & head physician for American athletes in the 1992 Olympics.
    1992 1969 Tom Brahaney Professional football player with the St. Louis Cardinals & All-American at Oklahoma
    1993 1936 Frank Cowden Jr. Midland cattleman, community leader
    1993 1942 Clarence Scharbauer Jr.  Midland cattleman, community leader
    1994 1949 Robert L. Short Minister, author
    1994 1964 Marjorie McColl Petty Kansas state senator and Episcopal priest
    1995 1965 Ross Montgomery Kansas state senator and Episcopal priest
    1995 1982 *Wally Kleine Football pro and sponsor of MHS Bulldog Excel Scholarship Fund.
    1995 1961 Carol Levitt Schwartz Political activist, author and civic leader in Washington, D.C
    1996 1951 William P. Franklin Banker and community leader
    1996 1954 Dr. Paxton Howard Jr.  Physician and leader in medicine
    1997 1962 Mary Lou Cassidy Midland attorney and entertainer
    1999 1940 Frances Guffey Atwater Midland historian and organizer of MHS exes
    1999 1985 Ellen Hardy Mckinnon Fighter pilot – Air Force
    2000 1931 Nancy RankinMcKinley Historian and curator of Midland County Museum. 
    The Midland High School Exes Association instituted the MHS Hall of Honor in 1984 to recognize alumni of outstanding achievement in their chosen fields. In 2010, the PTSA took over the role of selecting alumni for recognition.